Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fresh is Out, Salt is In. Woodlands Jetty Catch Report

My first salty species: Indo Pacific Megalops Tarpon A.K.A Ikan Bulan
Commonly mistaken for Milkfish.
Great for lurers. :)

Saw panicky tambans chased by unknown fishes.
Throw lure at disturbance.
Familiar feeling of fish striking! Nostalgic...

Lotsa strikes, tad hard to set hook.
Fight was so-so, jetty set up was overkill.
One burst line, LOL.

2 landed, Kilo plus fighters.
Put drag lesser can play longer.
Heard not so good for eating, bony fish.

Gave 1 to nice auntie.
Dunno can eat anot. OMG. :(
Next time think just release bah.

Genosfishing Rating:
Lurable: ****
Small lures that mimic their diet works best.
Interesting fighters, can play a while.
Release: *****
Game fish that is highly playable.
Eating: **
Bony fish with tiny bones so chew well.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

S, M, L Peacock Bass Sizes ^^

What a sunny day indeed! Rainy days these few days have dampen my mood for fishing but it's good that it cleared out for today. Reached spot near to midday and water is calm and low. Just the way I like it. Quickly put on my gear and set forth for some itch curing! LOL Too bad my daiso sunblock hat broke its strap earlier  so I dun have a headgear with me and with this sun, I think I gonna get sunburn! After a short walk I got my first Peacock Bass. Cute fella hiding and I manage to flush it out with my fly! Couldn't keep still for a photoshot too! Itchy mouth hurt its lips too!!!

Mood went up and I quickly moved on in search of more prey! Saw a huge haruan..!!! The likes which Banhock bro told me before. 2kgs ones lololol!!! Spent quite some time entertaining the old fishy.. Tried frog, no take. Tried spinner, no take.. Tried minnow, no take... Hmm, gave up liao... Maybe kena caught before... Interestingly some many many Eartheaters and Green Chromides. All same time breed liao.. Anyway saw Banhock bro too. Following him I caught one of a pair of nice size peebees!!! First cast using my trusty Yozuri and bang! It literally banged into my lure and a nice fight ensue... Hohoho! Shiok! Caught the kg plus fighter liao immediately tried to aim its partner but very spooked dun wan kiss the lure no more... Haiz!

Finally I landed my last peebee near the fountain area. LOL Played my fly and a smallie gulped it. Very fiesty jump jump here and there. Quickly took a suck thumb shot and tossed it back. Hmm.. After that did some Toman hunting but no takes! LOL Yup still a Toman noob here! Hopefully can upgrade my lure to some power one to entice them! Itch never cured instead more itchy. Gonna come back and catch some more! Cya Fishos!!!

Last but not least...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Back from Influenza... Minus the smell...

Didn't manage to get into fishing gear lately after having a bout of influenza which took a very long for me to recover fully... Still battling the virus but felt better than before. It also took my sense of smell away... Oh well. Anyway, decided to go destress in my usual haunt. Tagging along with me, my SS class wife finally broke our duck of catching fish together. Dunno why but everytime go fishing with her always landed zeros... LOL

Manage to land a small Peebee for wifey to take photos with.. Disturb nest got both chromides but one escaped after a short landing.. Oh well. Water very low. Almost can grab the Tomans there.. If I got more time, I could catch some more. GONNA WATCH SPIDERMAN 3D... YIPPEE YAP YAP.. Think it's gonna be a long time for me to relink my fishing interest cos my new PS VITA took alot of my spare time... Oh well...

Fishy days are getting lesser also due to work... Must really recover faster liao to make more early trips loh... Cya Fishos...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finally We Met!! My Beauty Queen!! ^^

I've been itching to land some nice catches from my spot lately. But still don't have the luck to land anything great. So I decided to take it easy and try to relax in today's fishing. The weather's very good! Not too hot and spotty sunny is my kind of outing... But the waters look so cloudy it dampen my mood abit but hey, I'm here to destress... So there... ^^

Found a few Tomans but they're not willing to kiss my lures. LOL So, I decided to camp around a nice spot to just relax... Played a while with some nesting Mayan Cichlids and haha, found them so so cute. Not much fishos around. And nonchalantly played around with some lures and flies, not expecting to catch anything, just want to test their action. And BOOM! I got a hard take and I quickly strike and tug hard! My drag quite loose and the fishy manage to pull some lines quickly. I tightened my drag and reel in firmly but it swam hard around digging into the weeds and I had a nice time steering home the prize! I really loved their energetic swims! Luckily it surrendered!

Nice kilo plus fighter! Long time since I've enjoyed it! It's always a nice feeling knowing they're still hiding around. Hopefully fishos can get to had a feel of it and pray tell they release back okay! Let them roost and we'll have a hell of a time too! ^^ And I lost my lure on a second take. It seems the first fight had brazed the leader, and I felt the take was huge too. What a waste! Finally, my second and last catch was a nice surprise! Temensis spots again, although it lacked in size, it's will to fight is great! Hopefully you will grow up big and jio all ur temmy frens here okay!

All catches were released back as usual! Had a fun time under the sun! Tomans, I will be back and devise need methods to catch you! Stay put and look out for fishos who cook you okay! LOL Cya fishos ^^